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Ziegelwerk Klaus Huber


Cross-flow Tunnel Kiln


Nossen, Germany


- about 32 years old


Ziegelwerk Klaus Huber

Emisshield Benefits

Flue gas draught has been reduced by approx. 50%, burners operate with less gas pressure, flue gas temperature is currently still too high and ceiling is too hot outside.

Optimisation work on the burners must be continued, no concrete statement on savings possible at present.

It is a fact that the quality of the end product has improved considerably, especially in the layers close to the kiln car plateau.

Furnace Information

Furnace type: cross-flow tunnel kiln, 62m long
Fuel type: Buthene, firing from ceiling
Operating Temp: max. 1150 °C  (2100 °F) 

Application Information

Application in  August 2022 (walls from bottom of kiln car and ceiling in both channels)

Preheat zone from 600°C and burner zone, total 270m².

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