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Refractory Services

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

We install and remove refractory materials, design and fabricate refractory components, apply high emissivity coatings and guide you through every step of the project.

What We Do


Installation and Removal of Refractory Materials

​Our supervisors and installers uphold rigorous safety and quality standards, minimizing downtime while delivering the high performance and long-term cost-effectiveness you expect from our products.


Application of High Emissivity Coatings

​U.S. producers of nano-ceramic highly emissive coatings, developed in the aerospace industry, have put in Cress their trust for its distribution.  Cress is the strategic partner and certified installer for Emisshield Coatings in Europe.


Prefabrication of Refractory Components

​We assemble refractory components, such as observation ports and burner blocks. Designing and manufacturing prefabricated components requires precision work and skilled craftsmanship. Selecting the right types of refractory concrete, drying, cutting the refractory elements, and integrating the components into the larger structure require well-trained personnel.


Project Planning and Supervision

​We offer comprehensive project management services, from engineering and material selection to delivery scheduling and site supervision. Our skilled teams ensure efficient project execution, incorporating robotics and digital equipment to optimize product efficacy and minimize on-site maintenance needs.


Technical Drawings

​We utilize manufacturing drawings from equipment manufacturers to design complete refractory systems for our clients, using ACAD. Our design encompasses anchoring and support systems for the refractory linings, as well as installation drawings, moulds design, and necessary documentation. Additionally, we conduct thermal design calculations and can perform heat transfer and stress calculations to optimize refractory design.


Inspection Reports

​Our supervisors hold API 936 and VCA qualifications. They are deployed globally to advise customers on installation, verify compliance with procedures, inspect equipment, and provide training to operators and maintenance staff as necessary.

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