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High Emissivity Coatings

Cress is the strategic partner and certified installer for Emisshield® Coatings in Europe with a proven average energy savings of 5% in more than 30 brick & tile kilns in Europe. 

Emisshield® is an innovative high emissivity coating technology, licensed by NASA, designed to enhance heat transfer and energy savings across a wide range of heat-driven industrial applications, ultimately boosting production efficiency.


Since Emisshield® licensed the technology from NASA in 2001 their materials have been enhanced, tested and proven to work around the world in many different intense atmospheres throughout the Hydrocarbon & Chemical, Iron & Steel and Glass Industries.


Proven average energy savings

The energy savings are proven to be 2-8% during long term (5+ years)

<1 year


The Return on Investment is typically very short and ranges from 3 to 9 months. 

7 years

Typical Service Life

The Service Life of the coating is variable to the environment it will be in, but we see that it typically is around 7 years.


Hemispherical emissivity

What does that mean? Better combustion, energy savings, production increases, minimized downtime, extended life of the substrate and an overall more efficient operation.


Thermal stability

The coating is proven to be stable up until a temperature of 1700 °C  (3100°F).


Applied Thickness

Thin film coating, applied thickness depends on environment type.

5,000 PSI


Bonding strength > 5,000 PSI (345 Bar)


Coating/ hour

In case the surfaces are accesible and free of dirt we can coat a surface of approcimately 50m2 per hour. After coating, a drying time of approximately 1 hour is needed. 


What is Emisshield®?

Emisshield® offers water-based ceramic nano-emissive coatings, with no volatile organic components (VOC), designed to prolong the lifespan and optimize the performance of fired equipment. Utilizing a unique application method, these coatings alter the heat transfer dynamics and thermophysical properties of surfaces. Initially developed by NASA® for the X-33 and X-34 Space Plane Program, Emisshield's core technology is endorsed by the Space Foundation® Space Certification Program. The coatings have excellent anti-corrosion/anti-erosion properties and don't need special curing times after coating. 

After successful testing of Emisshield®’s High Emissivity Coatings (HEC) at the Institute for Brick and Tile Research in Essen, Germany, in 2020, the refractory coating gained significant attention from numerous customers throughout Europe. Typically paying for itself within a year and boasting a product lifespan of 5 to 7 years, more than 30 roller and tunnel kilns across Europe have been coated over the past two years. These kilns serve various purposes, including the production of bricks, roof and floor tiles, flower pots, and refractory materials. Notably, the range of applications for refractory production is particularly challenging, given the extreme temperatures of up to 1650°C that are reached.


How does Emisshield® work?

Emisshield® coatings are characterized by their high emissivity and impressive heat re-radiation properties, functioning effectively across a broad temperature spectrum reaching up to 3,100°F (1,700°C) while maintaining superior adherence to surfaces. Emissivity, which quantifies a surface's capacity to emit or absorb energy, is crucial in this context. It's gauged on a scale from zero to one, where a value of one indicates a perfect black body capable of absorbing and re-radiating all incident heat energy. Emisshield coatings boast emissivity values of up to 0.95, almost reaching the value of a black body, and thereby enhancing radiant heat transfer to the cooler kiln load. 


Unlike reflective coatings that merely bounce back radiation at the same wavelengths, which can result in energy loss through exhaust as absorbed energy is scattered by flue gases, high emissivity coatings like Emisshield® absorb and re-emit radiation across various wavelengths. This mechanism ensures a more efficient delivery of radiant energy to the production load, promoting more uniform heating. It's crucial to note that Emisshield® maximizes energy absorption and re-radiation when there's a substantial temperature disparity between the coating and the load.

Black body 1200°C

Emisshield® coated brick

additional re-radiated


Brick re-radiation






More Energy Savings

Less CO2 Emission

Numerous energy-intensive companies in the brick and tile industry face challenges such as escalating energy prices and mounting pressure to cut CO2 emissions. Over recent years, various improvement initiatives have been launched to counteract rising fuel costs. Emisshield® coatings, utilizing space-certified technology, employ thin ceramic materials applicable to a range of refractories, ceramic fibers, and metals. On average, businesses implementing Emisshield® coatings report energy savings of around 5%, with some achieving reductions of up to 10%, all while contributing to a decrease in carbon footprint.

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