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Meet Cress.

Complete Refractory Environmental Solutions Services tailored to your wishes.

Cress is a service-oriented, family-owned company specializing in refractory materials for industries utilizing fire. We design and construct furnaces, install and dismantle refractory structures, all while prioritizing environmentally responsible practices.


Over the years, Cress has evolved into a reputable enterprise dedicated to understanding and optimizing heat processes.

Our Story

Founded in 2008 by Wim Buyschaert, with over 15 years of experience in thermal installations, Cress has developed a broad network in the field.


Our commitment to delivering quality, utilizing cutting-edge refractory materials, insulation techniques, and high-emissivity coatings has led us to export our services, expertise, and products globally. Continuously improving materials for enhanced safety and efficiency is our top priority, shaping the path towards a secure and environmentally friendly future in heat process management.


24/7 availability 

Our people are on standby 24/7 and can take immediate action in case of emergency


Own Transport

We have our own transport and drivers available to get any material to you as quickly as possible.


Short communication line

By maintaining a short communication line, we can offer our customers impeccable service. We are convinced that this is one of our strongest assets.

What We Value

At Cress, we value flexibility towards our costumers, safety, and efficiency in heat processes. We prioritize the design and application of state-of-the-art fire-resistant materials, advanced insulation techniques, and high-emissivity coatings to provide innovative solutions.


Our unwavering dedication to trust, reliability, and economic contribution to the sectors we serve defines our commitment. Our goal is to be the foremost partner for industries, delivering leading solutions that withstand the test of time.

Sr. Projectleader

Joost Van Thielen


Willem De Jongh


Charlotte Van Thielen

Emisshield Sales Manager

Herbert Gruenbichler

Emisshield Sales Manager

Ger Koevoets

Emisshield Sales Manager

Giuseppe Simonato

Management assistant

Linda Keijmel

Office Manager

Rianne Heijboer

Safety Coordinator

Peter Brink

Meet The Team

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