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CREATON Produktions 


Tunnel Kiln


Guttau, Germany


– about 28 years old


CREATON Produktions GmbH

Emisshield Benefits

Together with Cress, Creaton revised all kiln data and recognized that exhaust temperature increased up to 50°C.

Optimization works started by shutting off burners and reducing exhaust flow rates for each brick format.

Current energy savings are reported between 3,5% and 6% depending on format

(Basically, the higher the distance between the load and the walls, the higher the savings!)

Furnace Information

Furnace type: Tunnel kiln
Fuel type: gas
Operating Temp: 1100 °C  (2010 °F) 
Oxidizing and reducing firing

Application Information

Application on November 2021 (walls from bottom of kiln car and ceiling)

Preheat zone from 600°C and burner zone, total 235m²

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